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To report a problem on the website: support )at( metaphorpublications )dot( com

To query about submissions: submissions )at( metaphorpublications )dot( com

To request an ebook review copy of any of our books: aematson )at( metaphorpublications )dot( com - put "request for ARC" in the subject line. You may also request review copies by using any of the social media contacts listed below.

Social Media

@Met_Pub - Metaphor Publications' company account
@zenstitcher - Alesia Matson
@Meta_Pub - Michael Matson

Metaphor Publications
Alesia Matson's personal page

Google +
Metaphor Publications
Alesia Matson
Michael Matson


Metaphor Publications, Inc.
PO Box 2545
McKinleyville, CA 95519

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