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“Fast paced, the characters are enduring, believable, and will steal your heart…” —April R, for MyBookAddiction

“There are folks out there that treat their series like a child, raising them up from nothing to be powerful enough to stand on their own. Alesia and Michael Matson treat their child like she’s the future queen.” —Tellest (

“If you want to get absorbed in a story about class in a fantasy world, you can't do much better than The Raven and the Iris.” —Dr W, online review

Metaphor Publications, Inc. is proud to present the first book in “The Raven & The Iris” trilogy - our first urban romance series that takes place in the fantasy setting of Menelon! While the classic paper and ink (and PDF) version contains Vincent's and Angelique's entire story, we've taken the ebook version to the next level of "reader immersion" with active links to Menelon’s online and ever-expanding wiki. In it, we give our readers exclusive, inside access to maps, background information, cut scenes, and more, all fleshing out the glamour and the intrigues of Fernwall, the compelling characters from the stories, and the rest of the world of Menelon, too.

It's a terrific way to immerse yourself in the great estate houses, the glittering society balls, and the dark, dangerous alleys inhabited by the “living…” “breathing…” “believable…” characters whom so many fantasy readers - and gamers - have grown to love.

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Raven’s Tears (paperback) — 1 Comment

  1. (The following review has been copied from our old cart service, with its original posting date and attribution.)

    Post by Adam Smith – November 29, 2015:

    When I first dug into this book, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It seemed suited for the stereotypical audience for romance novels. I was a little confused, and maybe a little turned off. My genre of preference is something closer to the Riddick movies (“You keep what you kill!”). A bit past the beginning, though, and the book’s tone started to change. It became something more like a dark, dark, very dark romance book. This isn’t your typical love story. Not by a long shot. The characters are deeper, and terribly flawed. These are people who can’t stop hurting their lover, but also can’t stop hurting themselves. They’re horrible people at times, and that’s okay, because you’ll come to love them. Angelique can be heinous in her quest for survival, and Raven is certainly no wilting sweetheart suitor. You watch their train wreck lives collide in a huge climax at the end. And the best part is that it’s believable. Maybe the most believable love story I’ve experienced in a long time.

    This book is not an action story, let’s set that straight right away. There is perhaps one light combat scene in the whole book. The sequel, Dead Man’s Trigger, has far more action to it. But this book is far from boring. The tension builds partway through the beginning and runs high through the entire thing. By the end, you’ll be reaching for the next book, which thankfully picks up right away where this one leaves off.

    This book starts as a typical romance and becomes something much more, and builds straight into the amazing sequel. If you’re bored of flat characters, gender stereotypes, gender counter-stereotypes, modern political statements buried in fantasy, and any of the other stuff cluttering up the genre these days, this book will be a breath of fresh air. Stick with it and it will treat you right. Then grab the sequel and hang on for a wild ride.