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Writing On The Go

Posted on 06 March 2015 by Alesia Matson

Mobile gear means we don’t have to stay home to get work done, so sometimes we don’t. Our files are still on our server at home and we access them just as we would if they were on Drive or Dropbox. These early sessions mostly consist of Michael and I writing new solo scenes for insertion into the manuscript, or rewriting scenes already extant. That’s easier to manage in public than trying to collaborate on the same scene, and it means we get a lot more done.


At Ramone's Bakery and Cafe, McKinleyville

Say whatever the hell you want about how mobile devices are “ruining” our ability to spend time together – they’re part of what’s helping us craft a story, and in point of fact have done as much to keep our relationship strong as diving back into the story has.

Okay. I’ve faffed around for long enough. Back to it!

AE Matson is an author, and Creative Director, at Metaphor Publications. She’s also a textile fiend, SFGiants fan, aspiring Buddha, RPGer, tech-geeky, crone, corsair. It’s all about the stories. What’s yours?

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One Response to “Writing On The Go”

  1. Alesia Matson says:

    There is a hilarious story attached to this post. More specifically, to the picture in this post. Go ahead, take another look at it. Click/tap on it to see if it will enlarge (it may not). I’ll wait.

    That photo was snapped on a spur-of-the-moment, “omg I just lost the ability to word” kind of thing during our work outing today. I snapped it with my phone, emailed it to my tablet (pictured there on the table), then tapped out of the document to edit the pic, write the blog post, copy it to Twitter – all the usual jazz. I did not realize until I tapped back into TexPert that I hadn’t saved the work I’d just done, and I’d lost every bit of it.

    You might have heard the howls of anguish at about 3pm PST.

    Well, that was it for the day. Yes, I know. This is not hilarious. Bear with me for a minute.

    Michael and I ran a couple of hours’ worth of errands and were on our way back home at last when I remembered *that the text on the screen at the moment I’d taken that picture was very probably most of the work I’d lost.*

    I snatched my phone out of my pocket and pulled up the Gallery and whaddyaknow. There it was. Is. If you got that pic to enlarge (I honestly don’t know if it does or not), you can read it for yourself. I just insist that, if you do, that you remember it’s a first run-through of fresh text inserted into a second draft and DON’T JUDGE ME. (lol)

    I truly did laugh right the feck out loud. M was exhausted and I couldn’t get him to engage on the joke, but my sh*t was pretty much cracked up for most of the last couple of miles to the house.

    God, I love tech. I love playing jokes on my dumb ass with tech.

    Got a similar story? It’s your turn to share. 🙂

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