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Metaphor Publications is a micro-press publisher of high quality fantasy and science fiction, some with erotica, some without. It's two principle authors are:

Alesia Matson is an author, needlework enthusiast, aspiring Buddha, RPGer, gardener, tech-geeky, herbalist, and pirate. She’s been married to Michael, her co-author, for 21 years. They have two grown sons, two goofy dogs, and one eccentric cat. She writes for her own entertainment, and hopefully, yours. You can view her Google+ page here.

Michael Matson wrote his first book at age 12. A 24-page masterpiece hand typed onto letter paper folded in half with a construction paper cover—hand illustrated, of course—the tome was nonetheless a bestseller in the family. Since then, he’s been an airman; a commercial fisherman, the third generation to go to sea in his family;  a lobbyist; truck driver; counselor and minister; and general contractor. All the while, writing has remained an important creative outlet and a cornerstone of his marriage to his equally gifted wife. Having retired from his construction firm, he now writes and publishes full time from his home in Northern California.

In addition, Metaphor Publications is privileged to have the following excellent professionals involved in the company:

Marketing: =VACANT=

Legal counsel/Agent: Paul S. Levine. Specializing in entertainment law, Paul S. Levine has served the entertainment industry for over thirty years. Levine provides a wide range of entertainment industry legal services, including transactions (contract negotiating and drafting) and litigation, as well as being one of California’s few literary attorneys. He has a keen understanding of industry strategy and has the editorial contacts required to ensure his success as both a literary agent and entertainment law attorney, and is thus able to offer his clients a comprehensive range of publishing or literary attorney services. You can find Paul S. Levine at www.paulslevine.com.



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