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Whether you're a reader, writer, or game developer, we know you're busy, too! Now that our production schedule is established, we're publishing quite a bit of content, and this includes topics buzzing in the publishing industry, reader-prompted discussions, information on our podcast reproductions, and every once in awhile, something just to make you laugh.

    • Quick Links to our Most Recent Content, from all over the web!
      •  Each newsletter you'll receive from us has a list of all new blog posts and pages since the previous issue, giving you easy access to unique content you're only going to find with us!
      • Whether it's here on our blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Goodreads, or elsewhere, we'll round it all up once a month for your enjoyment, and present it to you in a list of links with short synopses.
    • Additional content
      • As a taste of what our patrons get on a regular basis, you'll see things like out-takes, character perspectives and profiles, occasional deleted content from the manuscripts, photos, videos, playlists -- basically whatever we can find that will make Menelon come to life right in front of you.
    • Postcards from Menelon
      • Selections from our Instagram account of photos taken from our world that look like they might have been sourced somewhere in Menelon, to help put you right into the story.
    • Access to discount codes & coupons for all our products
      • Subscribing patrons get earlier access to bigger discounts, but we love our Gazetteers too, and want to show it by  giving you complementary discount codes not only for our published works, but for the line of cool swag -- always in development -- inspired by readers, writers, gamers, and Menelon itself!


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